Selina + Brian | Casa del Mar, Santa Monica CA

When I first started planning for my wedding, I knew I wanted Elsa and her expertise for the special day. I knew her from one of my close friends’ wedding. Needless to say, my friend’s wedding turned out absolutely beautiful. I chose the “Finishing Touches” package from the three they offered. It included coverage for the day of plus all the planning necessary one month prior to my wedding date, including taking over correspondence with all vendors and putting together all checklists and items. But as soon as after our consultation meeting, which took place shortly after we decided on the wedding date, Elsa was already helping us by giving us recommendations on vendors and providing us with advice that we needed. She made my fiance and I feel very comfortable and reassured that everything will turn out well with the wedding. It was a great relief and feeling that there was someone we could rely on for what was going to become the best day of our lives. All throughout the planning process, Elsa was very prompt at responding to us. She was helpful, efficient, and very personable. I couldn’t have asked for a better wedding planner. She and her partner, Melissa, took charge and took care of EVERYTHING on the wedding day. It was so nice because I knew I wouldn’t and didn’t have to worry about anything at all. We had the most amazing time on our wedding day and couldn’t be happier. Elsa, Brian and I can’t thank you enough for all your help. We couldn’t have done it without you!!!!

Tricia + Jarvis | Fairmont, Newport Beach CA

Melissa and Elsa did a fantastic job! Right from the first meeting, Melissa and Elsa were extremely professional and attentive. All of my correspondence was through Melissa. She responded very promptly and answered all questions and concerns my husband and I had. We probably had to have exchanged 100+ emails throughout the planning process. Melissa provided an extensive list of recommendations for vendors from photography, cinematography, to hair and makeup, and lighting. My husband and I chose our vendors based off of Melissa’s recommendations and we couldn’t have been happier with our entire vendor team. Melissa took the reigns about a month before the wedding and confirmed all of our vendors and coordinated with our venue to finalize details. I couldn’t have been more confident in Melissa’s expertise and organization. I knew my husband and I were in good hands. On the day of the wedding, Melissa, Elsa and their team were key. From setting up and designing our reception area to coordinating when and where everyone was suppose to be.. the list goes on. My husband and I received so many compliments from our guests on how smoothly the day went and how amazingly beautiful our setup turned out. We were able to truly enjoy the day and not “sweat the small things” thanks to these ladies. Melissa and Elsa went above and beyond from start to finish. We can’t thank them enough for the amazing job they did for us!

Susan + Jason | Segerstrom Concert Hall, Costa Mesa CA

By far, the best hiring decision we made while planning our wedding! Working with Melissa and Elsa felt was great! They were so organized and responsive. (I actually had to ask Melissa if she ever slept because it felt as if she was online 24/7)! Absolutely a pleasure to work with…. These ladies know what they are doing!

Jennifer + Joe | Bella Collina Towne and Golf, San Clemente CA

My (now husband) and I were married in early September in San Clemente, CA and Melissa of ME Events (along with Elsa of course) provided wedding coordination services. We can’t say enough positive things about how much help these lovely ladies were with making our big day a success. My husband and I live in San Francisco, so many arrangements for the wedding were made over email and phone – a bit of a challenge for me as I am very organized and like to feel very on top of everything. Although we only hired Melissa for a “month of” coordination package, she went so far above and beyond – always answering my emails many months ahead of the wedding, sharing numerous referrals (basically how we found each member of our awesome vendor team) and just serving as a constant sounding board. The week of the wedding, Melissa took care of everything, confirming vendors, scheduling everyone’s arrivals, helping me remember what payments I still needed to make, the list goes on. And of course on the day of the wedding, Melissa and Elsa were invaluable, taking care of everything so that as far I was aware it all went perfectly! We had many guests tell us that they had never been to a more well-planned wedding, that everything went so smoothly and never felt rushed – I couldn’t have asked for a better compliment, and owe so much of the thanks to ME Weddings.

Olivia + Eddie | Harborside Pavilion, Newport Beach CA

I worked mainly with Melissa during the planning process but we had the pleasure of having Elsa, Melissa and their 2 assistants on our wedding day. From the beginning, we were impressed by Melissa’s responsiveness and quality of responses. She answered all of my emails right away and gave long, thoughtful responses to my questions and concerns. Even when she was away on her honeymoon, she made sure that Elsa was tending to our matters so that our questions were always addressed! I am such an indecisive bride so having Melissa was a godsend. Anytime I was unsure or had NO clue on what to do, I would shoot Melissa an email and she would respond back with lots of ideas. She also recommended some great vendors. Since Melissa was so professional, I felt like if Melissa trusted them, I could trust them. She was always punctual to meetings and gave valuable input-I was so happy to have her by my side to provide great ideas that I would never have imagined. I had so many last minute changes and mishaps occur and it would have been easy to panic but Melissa took care of EVERYTHING and executed even better than I would have myself. I was able to stay calm because Melissa always addressed my worries with “Don’t worry about it” as she took care of them. My now-husband and I are so happy that we contracted Melissa’s services. One of my bridesmaids told us how she was impressed with how well the events of that night flowed together. Overcoming all of the mishaps I created, Melissa and her team were able to execute the wedding day details flawlessly and the whole day flowed like a dream. Thank you to Melissa, Elsa, and your team for coordinating the wedding so well so that my husband and I could just enjoy our day! We love you girls so much!

Janie + Leo | The London West Hollywood, West Hollywood CA

They are amazing! Most of my correspondence was with Elsa but both Elsa and Melissa are so nice and wonderful to work with! Elsa was quick with the e-mails, sent great referrals, gave great advice and was extremely organized! I have no idea how she can remember all the details for each wedding when I could barely remember details of just my own wedding. On the day of, everything went down perfectly (at least as far we could tell, which is the way it should be!). My husband and I, and our wedding party and family, were able to fully enjoy ourselves.

Lois + Richard | Westminster Presbyterian Church and Rococo Room, Los Angeles CA

Too bad the max rating I can give is 5.0 … if I could, I would give ME Weddings & Events a 10++++++!!!! I am soosososososo beyond thankful that I had ME Weddings & Events as our wedding coordinators … Melissa and Elsa are such an awesome duo … they work so well together … and work even better with their clients. They really care about making your special day EXTRA special … and will really work with you to make your wedding day what you want it to be plus more! Starting from our initial consultation all the way up to our wedding, I was thoroughly impressed with Melissa & Elsa’s professionalism and enthusiasm. I just asked my husband to describe Melissa & Elsa and he (being the huge football fanatic that he is) said “They are like the a quaterback of a team because they direct the “offense” (church, photographer, videographer, caterers) by making sure everything goes smoothly and that everyone does their job.” He couldn’t have said it better 🙂 Melissa and Elsa are super prompt, whether it be replying to emails, showing up to the rehearsal, any meetings, the actual wedding day!!!!, etc … super friendly … super organized … and that is a huge compliment coming from someone who i pretty OCD. They really know what they are doing. They made our wedding day seamless … you always hear horror stories or snafus from brides of what went wrong at their wedding … I’m sure there were things that were not going as planned but for all I know, it never happened because Melissa & Elsa took care of everything. All I had to worry about was where to be and at what time. In other words – I ACTUALLY GOT TO ENJOY MY WEDDING!!! Thank you so much Melissa & Elsa. We are so grateful for everything they did for us … couldn’t have asked for a better wedding coordinator!!!

Chikara + Eric | Skirball Cultural Center, Los Angeles CA

BEST DECISION EVER! My husband and I got married just over a month ago, and we had gone into contract with Elsa and Melissa of ME Weddings for our Finishing Touches. I must say– this was the best decision ever. You really need to be able to trust your coordinator, and I felt I was able to do that with them (I worked with mainly Elsa because Melissa had been booked for another event that same day. Either way, Melissa still attended our planning meetings and was also a pleasure). ME Weddings is very punctual, efficient, considerate, professional, and suuuper friendly which I loved! They go above and beyond in so many ways, and ultimately do their best to save you money which is incredibly important when planning. Although it was Elsa’s first time working with my venue, she quickly learned the layout (even better than I did after I had already gone there 3 times on my own). She takes excellent notes, and is VERY quick to respond via email, and this is SO IMPORTANT because most brides don’t like waiting too long to hear back. I would highly recommend ME Weddings for your wedding (or any big event). I found that the only mistakes regarding the wedding were things I PERSONALLY arranged (shame on me)… like picking out tuxedos, details I wanted to handle, last minute seating changes which Elsa was FABULOUS with fixing, etc. Other than these minimal mishaps (which CAN happen), everything was a huge success. They made sure all the lighting and decor was just what we wanted! Coordinated a great deal for my photobooth, which also included a projector and screen (equals more savings). Even helped me with some issues AFTER the wedding and even a couple weeks later. ABOVE and BEYOND like I mentioned before. My husband and I will forever be grateful for their hard work and expertise. THANKS SO MUCH ME Weddings from the bottom of our hearts!!

Janice + Jeff | Terranea Resort and Spa, Rancho Palos Verdes CA

Elsa and Melissa, you ladies are the best! So glad my husband and I decided to work with ME because these ladies made the wedding planning process so easy and organized. We couldn’t have done it without them. I still can’t believe I am saying this, but I really thought the whole wedding planning process was easy, breezy and beautiful. After interviewing 3-5 different wedding coordinators, my husband and I decided to go with Mel and Elsa because we had good chemistry with them. They just got it, and understood the importance of every little detail we cared about most during the wedding (practically everything). I take pride in knowing that I am a well-organized person and can plan events, but Elsa and Melissa just take it to the next level. They really know their stuff! They had solutions for all of our questions, kept us calm during those moments of panic, helped us stay organized and on top of deadlines, and most importantly, reminded us that all of this is for the special day so enjoy every second of it! We only hired ME for wedding coordination, but they helped with recommending vendors that we hadn’t found and assisted with some decor. On the day of the wedding, ME and the team executed the day flawlessly. I felt so relaxed as a bride on the wedding day knowing ME was there to take care of all little details to ensure the wedding was perfect. And I was right. Thank you, thank you, ME Weddings and Events. Couldn’t have asked for a better team and smart individuals to work with.

Lynn + Ungar | Terranea Resort and Spa, Rancho Palos Verdes CA

Elsa and Melissa were simply the best! They were not only professional and responsive, they were friendly and thoughtful. I truly enjoyed working with them because they not only listened and catered to my needs, they helped me stay within my budget, and the wedding turned out better than I expected. So thank you ME Weddings & Events, I would totally, without any hesitation, recommend you to anyone looking for an awesome wedding planner!

Claire + Oliver | Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach Resort and Spa, Huntington Beach CA

Melissa & Elsa were absolutely amazing as our coordinators for our reception at Hyatt Huntington Beach. They were the only ones we met with and only ones we needed to meet with. They impressed us right away with a little hint to keep our reception costs down even before we booked them. At the beginning, we weren’t even sure that we needed a coordinator, but once the planning started, we were so glad we decided on these girls. As they explained to us when we first spoke to them, and we found out first hand, they were not just the “day-of” coordinators that we were hiring them as. That could be proven by the probably 50+ emails I exchanged with Melissa even months before the wedding, and by the couple meetings we had as well. They made things so much easier on us and answered all of our questions. There were so many decisions that needed to be made, so many things you wouldn’t think of, but they are prepared for all of it. Their attention to detail was especially apparent in their timeline that they plan for your event. From the limo company, the florist, the chair covers, the DJ, etc…they were in contact with all of our vendors leading up to the wedding, letting them know what they needed to do and what time they needed to do it. They didn’t even stop helping when the wedding was over. We left for our honeymoon the next day, which was a Sunday, but we needed the cupcake stand returned to the bakery which is closed on Sundays and is way out of the way for any of our family. It needed to be returned within 5 days for us to get our $250 deposit back, and they took care of it for us. They really go above and beyond their duties. Thank you Melissa & Elsa for making our wedding night so perfect! We’ll never forget it.

Tania + Steve | Ritz Carlton Laguna Niguel, Dana Point CA

Let me just start off by saying that you would be doing yourself, your spouse, your family and your guests a disservice by NOT hiring ME Weddings. As soon as we had our first meeting with Elsa from ME Weddings, we knew she was the planner for us. You could tell from the outset that she wanted this to be YOUR wedding, and not hers. My fiance and I did not get this sort of vibe from the other coordinators/planners we met. Elsa asked us lots of questions right from the outset, which was another big difference from the other coordinators. We felt the other vendors were trying too hard to sell themselves. After meeting with Elsa, we practically hired ME on the spot. We started planning our wedding close to a year in advance. Right from the outset, Elsa was very hands on. She is extremely organized, and reliable. I can remember many instances when she had emailed me some information and I could not recall it, or find that email. Within seconds, she sent me another copy of the previous email! Elsa’s insight and advice were also invaluable. She had suggestions and ideas that we would never have thought of. All the while, she was always asking us what we wanted for our wedding. We really appreciated that. Now, to the most important aspect of wedding planning. The budget. We were fairly fortunate to work with a decent budget, but even so, Elsa was extremely cost conscious. She didn’t just recommend all these expensive vendors. In fact, it was just the opposite. She still worked hard to try to save us the most money as humanly possible. I am pretty certain that her budgeting and negotiating skills actually paid for the cost of her services itself. In the end, we actually came in under budget! Sweet! Now we can afford The Westin for our honeymoon in Paris. =) The weekend of our wedding is when ME Weddings truly shined. Prior to this date, Elsa had provided us a very detailed schedule for us to follow and that made EVERYTHING go smoothly. I honestly thought I would be more nervous in the days leading up to our wedding day but I think because Elsa had prepped me so thoroughly, it was a breeze! After our ceremony, it was time for the reception and when we got our first peek of the set up, we were absolutely blown away. It was amazing, beautiful and breath taking. We received SO many compliments from friends and family, and the common theme was basically, “best wedding ever!”. My new wife and I were truly humbled by these words, and I believe it would not have been nearly as nice had it not been for ME Weddings. Big thanks to Elsa and Melissa for all your help throughout the entire process. You can tell they both truly love what they do and work tirelessly to make your special day the most special day of your lives. We will always treasure our wedding day and are forever thankful for your their help!!! Thanks again ME Weddings!!

Angeline + Michael | St. Regis Monarch Beach, Dana Point CA

Our experience with Elsa (and Melissa) of ME Weddings and Events was so much more than what the rating scale can truly describe. Yes, we give Elsa and ME Weddings and Events a true perfect rating… let me explain: We may not have been the easiest couple to work with because I ask too many questions and need overly detailed explanations of everything. To top it off, my wife liked everything and had challenges making a final decision… on every aspect of our wedding. Luckily, Elsa responded to my million emails and calls (seriously… it might have approached this number over the course of the year), patiently worked with us with all the back-and-forth decision making, and helped us navigate the potentially treacherous path of planning our wedding. I’m a bullet point person so here they are:

* definitely the best money spent at our wedding – the best value for the money spent (we actually thought that they do not charge enough for the amount of time and energy spent)

* they have experience with a wide range of venues and vendors and can help your vendors visualize your dream

* they can help you receive a discount at many of these venues and vendors – these savings essentially pay for their service fee (but you would pay it anyways after you realize what they do)

* they definitely work with you and hold your hand throughout the process – definitely patient

* they think of all the details that can easily be missed during the planning process and the details truly make the difference in pulling off a good wedding from executing an amazing wedding

* regardless of what your budget is, they offer first class service – truly professionals in their field

* they are very conscious of your budget and will always keep this in mind (unless you decide to go crazy and they will go crazy with you)

* aside from being professionals, they truly love what they do… they might be just as excited about your wedding as you are (or at least my wife was) – hugely important in helping plan the wedding… no fake salesperson smiles with Elsa and Melissa

* the most important point for me – there was absolutely no stress before the wedding or on the day of our wedding… zero stress because we knew that Elsa was managing all this stress for us

While it was clearly important to have Elsa and Melissa coordinate the day of the big event, it was critical that they were involved from the beginning. I dislike that I micro-manage everything when I feel that no one else can do it better… in this case, I felt the joy of not having to manage anything but simply enjoy the wedding events. It truly was that easy.

If we had to do it over again, there might be a few changes made but we would definitely turn to Elsa of ME Weddings and Events to manage everything all over again. Who knows, maybe we will use them if we decide to throw a party or decide to renew our vows in the future.

Alice + Marcus | Velas Vallarta, Puerto Vallerta Mexico

ME Weddings & Events planned the perfect wedding for me and my husband. Despite me living in New York and Elsa in Orange County, we were able to coordinate our dream wedding in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. ME Weddings was extremely responsive with emails, photos, and phone calls. They presented great ideas for our destination wedding — and not just cookie cutter ideas, but things that really represented me and my husband as a couple. Would definitely recommend them to any future brides looking to plan a beautiful wedding with a personalized touch.

Shane + Jeff | Grand Tradition Estate, Fallbrook CA

Funny you see positive reviews from all the reviewers, but its seriously true. My wife and I have been so busy with work, that planning a wedding in only a few months seemed impossible. We felt so overwhelmed from the beginning, but then Elsa from ME Weddings & Events stepped in to help us. She created a list of choices and images from just asking us what colors we wanted. She also showed us variations of colors and samples of what our wedding could look like. The best thing about ME Weddings is their communication. They respond quickly and set up meetings as needed to make sure everything was running smooth. The final week of preparation seemed so easy as Elsa ensured our checklist items were done and ready to go. The day of service was awesome too. ME Weddings helped setup all decorations for the tables and the venue. They really had everything under control while my wife and I were busy with the ceremony and the all the family socializing. If you want to enjoy your wedding day, I highly suggest using Elsa and her team. They took care of EVERYTHING so we can focus on the most important day of our lives with family and friends.

Christina + Massoud | Calamigos Ranch, Malibu CA

My husband and I had the wedding of our dreams in April 2010.  We were able to soak in special moments, laugh with our family and friends, and truly appreciate what that day represented.  This was only possible through the meticulous and diligent coordination of ME Weddings & Events. Elsa and Melissa took care of all the details so that we could enjoy our day.  They interfaced with our vendors seamlessly to create a perfect timeline, handled all the little touches from our candy buffet to our escort cards, and made the reception run so smoothly without feeling rushed or lulled.  This is what a GOOD coordinator does. What makes ME Weddings & Events GREAT is that they truly went beyond the call of duty.  The week leading up to our wedding, we faced a family tragedy that pulled my husband and I out of the country.  Dealing with an emergency and not knowing whether we needed to postpone the wedding caused us a great deal of stress.  Knowing that I could not easily access a phone, Elsa immediately offered to help contact all my vendors to coordinate possible alternate dates in case of postponement.  Her researching and giving me options immediately put my mind at ease during a difficult time.  She comforted me on the phone and assured me that we would work everything out no matter what happened…and she absolutely kept her promise.  I am forever grateful. I would highly recommend ME Weddings & Events for any special occasion.  They are not only hard working and professional, but are good-hearted people as well.  You can tell that they love what they do and this passion greatly benefits their clients.  Thank you Elsa and Melissa for making our wedding day so wonderful!  We will cherish these memories for the rest of our lives!

Jeanie + Eric | 7 Degrees, Laguna Beach CA

We just want to thank ME Weddings & Events for making our wedding a dream come true.
Eric and I were married last January at Seven Degrees in Laguna Beach – a full-service wedding venue that’s truly modern, breathtaking and beautiful.  Even though we were assigned a wedding coordinator from Seven Degrees, we knew we would need help aside from the venue staff in order to keep the day from going haywire. Hiring ME Weddings & Events was one of our best decisions.  Our main planner was Melissa. Her warm personality, strong work ethic and commitment to her job shined throughout the entire wedding planning process.  Eric and I had a vision on how we wanted to see the day play out but that meant we needed to be extremely detail oriented and work with someone who could understand what we needed.  Thankfully we found that in Melissa. Melissa and Elsa accompanied us to every design meeting and was always available to us by any form of communication at any time of the day. They also provided insightful suggestions and helped us stayed within our wedding budget.  As a result of their hard work, our family and friends were able to enjoy our wedding without worrying about any of the details.  In fact, many of our guests still compliment us on our wedding – even after a year has passed! It was such a pleasure working with ME Weddings & Events, and I would strongly recommend them to anybody planning a wedding.  After all, being a bride is stressful enough; the details should be left to professionals!