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January 29 2013, Posted by Elsa

So this post is WAAAAY late… Cecilia actually started working with us back in June and has helped us with numerous events already. So she’s not really “new” anymore. But better late than never right??

Cecilia is an awesome addition to our team. She’s very detail oriented, driven, organized and definitely has what it takes to make a successful event coordinator! And this is actually the THIRD time we’ve worked together! We just can’t seem to get enough of each other….

Hope you enjoy her 10 random facts!

1. Feet gross me out.
2. I have really ticklish knees.
3. I love to eat hot dogs mixed in my mac n cheese with ketchup.
4. I took four years of French in high school but can only remember how to say my name.
5. I was and secretly at heart still a band geek.
6. If I could, I’d eat ice cream for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
7. I went sky diving for the first time last year and got the worse case of motion sickness from it.
8. I’m a proud aunt of 4 nieces and 3 nephews.
9. I’m currently learning how to play the ukulele.
10. My favorite past time is people watching.

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This is one of the most common questions we get from prospective clients, friends and family. So we thought it’d be good for us to take a moment to explain the differences.

“I already have a great event/sales manager at the venue so I don’t think I’ll need a Day Of Coordinator” you say. That’s fantastic that you have an awesome contact at your venue! We love them too! Can’t do our job without them! They are the experts when it comes to their venue, but they are typically there for the venue. Their job includes tasks such as:

  • Provide a personalized tour of the property.
  • Provide you with their vendor list.
  • Assist with menu planning.
  • Draft your banquet event order, which outlines your event specifics as it pertains to the venue.
  • Create an estimate of your venue charges, detailing your financial commitment and deposit schedule.
  • Draft a floor plan of your event space.
  • Schedule and attend your menu tasting.
  • Some oversee the details of the Bride and Groom’s room reservations (at hotels only).
  • In charge of ceremony and reception set-up which only includes hotel equipment and items for food preparation.
  • Be the onsite liaison between your wedding coordinator and their property.
  • Ensure a smooth transition to the Banquet Captain upon arrival to your event.
  • Provide your final bill.

Here at ME Weddings & Events, our “Day of” Coordination actually starts out about 1.5 month in advance. By this time you would have done most, if not all, of the planning already. We step in to make sure you haven’t forgotten any major details. We handle the details and logistics with the venues and vendors for that point on and are there to meet the wedding party and direct the rehearsal. On the wedding day we are there from start to finish, making sure you get down the aisle, and that your vision and plans come to fruition. We just want you to relax and truly enjoy your special day! Here is a brief listing of some items that we would be responsible for (items your venue Events Manager would most likely not be involved in):

  • One planning consultation (venue walkthrough and details meeting).
  • Correspondence with wedding venue(s) regarding setup instructions and details. We make sure that every detail is thoroughly discussed with the hotel so it makes most sense aesthetically and logistically for your wedding.
  • Custom wedding day timelines for your vendors, venue and wedding party. This is typically not provided by the venue Event Manager.
  • Checklist of personal items needed for your wedding day.
  • Wealth of information.
  • Review of vendor contracts to ensure you have the services you need.
  • Confirmation of vendor commitments during the week of the wedding.
  • Distribution of your wedding day timeline, driving directions, and setup instructions to vendors.
  • Relaying of final head count to the appropriate vendors.
  • Review of Banquet Event Order from venue.
  • Direction of your wedding rehearsal and actual ceremony.
  • Unlimited support on your wedding day.
  • Complete on-site management of your entire wedding and ensuring things are running on time.
  • Handling and overseeing all setup of your ceremony and/or reception, including personal items from your checklist.
  • Distribution of final payments and gratuities to vendors.
  • Coordination of tear-down, packing, and safe storage of all your wedding items at the conclusion of reception events.
  • Wedding Day emergency kit.

We are basically your Personal Assistant/Event Director rolled into one!

The major difference is that we work for YOU and your venue Event Manager works for the venue. But we work together as a team to make sure your wedding day is everything you want it to be.  You venue Events Manager will make sure your venue is set up the way it’s supposed to be and that the meals are served on time, whereas we actually “run” your wedding day, working closely with your vendors and coordinating each event. When your venue Event Manager goes home, (usually once dinner service starts), we are there till the end to make sure everything continues to go well.

Although some of our clients often don’t realize the value of hiring a coordinator when they first book our services we find that ALL of them realize it after the big day (especially the grooms!).  So we say, give yourself a break and enjoy the day, and let us do the work to make your wedding a night to remember!

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New Year! New Website! New Logo! New Brand!

January 15 2013, Posted by Melissa + Elsa

We are SO excited to finally launch our new brand! In the past 3+ years, we have met so many fabulous clients and vendors who have inspired us to take our company and brand to the next level! Weddings have become our #1 passion. So we decided to change our name to ME Weddings & Events to focus on what we love. But you guys can still call us the “ME girls” or “ME Events.”

Now you know why we’ve been so MIA on updating our previous website and why we’re so behind on blogging! We’ve been busy working with our branding partners on a new name, new logo, new colors, new everything! We hope you like what you see!

PS. We promise to blog like crazy these next few days.

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