Say Hello To :: KATHY

December 5 2011, Posted by Melissa + Elsa

Kathy is another super valuable addition to the ME Events team.  When she helps us set up for weddings, she does it so quickly and perfectly, that it even amazes us sometimes! She always asks the best questions, which sometimes, gets us thinking as well. This also shows how much she cares about the details of each of our clients’ weddings.

Without further ado, please meet kathy and read about her 10 random facts!!

1. I’m a huge dog person; I even like the way they smell! Right now, I have a lab that I was training to be a guide dog, and another that came from the shelter.
2. I’m very particular about my bed; I don’t like people touching it and it really bothers me when the covers aren’t perfect.
3. My feet and hands decided to stop growing when I hit middle school. My shoe size is a four, and it’s impossible for me to find heels!
4. I’m pretty sure my knees can predict the weather; they hurt whenever it’s about the rain.
5. I can’t whistle or snap… or ride a bike.
6. I didn’t have my first peanut butter and jelly sandwich until I was about fifteen years old, and I thought it was disgusting. Plain jelly is way better.
7. I always get super emotional during dog movies (even Bolt), more so than ‘human-only’ movies.
8. My brother and sister are over a decade older than me. I guess you could say I was a surprise.
9. I can’t sleep unless I’ve showered and brushed my teeth. Even if I accidentally fall asleep I’ll automatically wake up around four in the morning just to get ready for bed again.
10. I think I’m the only person in the world who doesn’t like soda or coffee.

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After months of planning, it is with much anticipation that I am able to blog about one of my favorite couples of the year!  Sherry and Lance truly held a special place in my heart not only because they are super sweet and fun, but also because I am lucky enough to know both of them personally.  From day one, I felt nothing but honored for the trust that they put into ME Events.  The planning of their wedding was done at a great distance since they were living in Hong Kong and Shanghai at the time.  They moved there to take over a family business a couple of year ago and are definitely world travelers.

My friendship with Sherry dates back to our college days when we were great party friends.  She was a ton of fun and always too kind and sweet.  Now, so many years later, it is incredible to see the amazing woman that she has become.  Beautiful inside and out, but even more amazingly, Sherry was able to find her life partner and now husband Lance.  It is not often that you get to meet a couple so unselfishly dedicated to one another.

Speaking of the groom, Lance is one of the most charming grooms we have had the pleasure to work with.  He seems to make friends wherever he goes, so it was no wonder their wedding was filled with so many adoring friends and family ready to celebrate with them.  And who can forget their thank you speech?  It was the perfect snap shot of what the day was about because they were so thankful and grateful to their parents, families and friends for sharing the day and making it all possible.

Sherry + Lance, congratulations on your new life together and on the new home!  I absolutely cannot wait for your next trip back in April!

Now, time to share the photos and video captured by the talented Henry Chen of Henry Chen Photography and Tim Kwon of Lin & Jirsa.

Would have expected nothing less than fabulous accessories from Sherry

And the beautiful bride

Definitely an incredible couple

Glowing with excitement!

The well traveled couple incorporated a little bit about their favorite activity.. traveling! Tables were named after their favorite destinations and luggage tag escort cards with travel sized hand sanitizers. Absolutely adorable!

Beautiful custom cake stand by Sussanna Davidson of French Buckets and “postcard” menu cards

Sherry and Lance’s highlights trailer

Huge thank you to the fabulous couple and amazing vendor team for making the day possible!

Planner and Coordinator ME Weddings & Events :: Venue Laguna Cliffs Resort and Spa :: Photographer Henry Chen Photography :: Cinematographer Lin & Jirsa :: Florist French Buckets :: Ceremony Music Angelica Strings :: Hair and Makeup Chiali Meng :: Lighting TMMPro :: Rentals Fusion Linens :: Photobooth Photo Shenanigans :: DJ/MC High Flyin’ Entertainment :: Cake It’s All About the Cake

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Say Hello To :: LAUREN

December 1 2011, Posted by Melissa + Elsa

As ME Events continues to grow, we have brought on some amazing Associate Event Coordinators to be part of our team. Lauren has been an incredible addition. She has been eager to learn and has a proven track record of being 120% reliable. Her attention to detail is unsurpassed and we know that we (and our clients) are in great hands when she is on site!

And as you know from the ABOUT ME section on our website, we like random facts (the more random, the better!)… so here are 10 random facts about lauren:

1. Although I was born and raised in Orange County I haven’t been to the beach in more than 5 years.
2. I spent 7 years arranging flowers while pursuing my degree at Cal State Long Beach.
3. I have never been outside of the United States (but I’m planning on a trip to Ireland in May 2012!).
4. My first car was a mint green Mercury Sable that my friends called the “Green Machine.”
5. I watch Elf about 15 times a year.  Ten times between Thanksgiving and Christmas and five just because.
6. Many people are surprised to learn I was a cheerleader in High School. Go Barons!
7. I could eat breakfast food all day, everyday.
8. I love bargain shopping and I can’t remember the last time I paid retail for anything.
9. I dare you to beat me at Guitar Hero… I’ve probably spent hundreds of hours playing that game.
10. Sushi is one of my favorite foods, but I refuse to eat cooked fish.

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