Eco-Friendly Weddings…

April 26 2010, Posted by Melissa + Elsa

In honor of April (Earth Month), we thought we would give you some tips on how to have a greener wedding….

Tip #1: Hold your ceremony and reception at the same venue.  You will help cut back fuel emissions since noone has to drive between the ceremony site and reception site.

Eco-friendly Terranea Resort in Rancho Palos Verdes. (You might recognize the name from The Bachelor, where Jason and Molly got married.)

Tip #2: Use recycled materials for STDs and invitations.  Also cut back on paper by directing guests to go onto your wedding website for information such as directions and registries.  Lastly, make your RSVP cards postcards, so you wouldn’t have to use additional envelopes (PLUS you’ll also save $$ on stamps!)

Eco-friendly invitation from Paper Crave.

Tip #3: Instead of favors that guests usually just end up throwing away (there, we said it), opt to give guests plant seeds. Or give donations in your guests names to charities.

Eco-friendly favors from Beau-coup.

Tip #4: Attire….. the bride can buy a preowned gown on websites such as  Or if her mind is set on a new dress, donate/sell the dress afterwards. Groom and groomsmen can rent their suits or tuxes.   Purchase bridesmaid dresses that the girls would wear again.  Some places even offer dress rentals for bridesmaids!

Green briday party. Dresses made from sustainable fabrics.

Tip #5: Stick to in-season flowers so florists wouldn’t have to have them shipped in from another country. Look for flowers that are Veri-Flora certified, which means the flowers aren’t drenched in chemicals or grown under harsh working conditions.  Or for the DIY-ers, make your own bouquets, boutonnieres, and corsages from paper or fabric.

Veri-Flora bouquet from a florist in Chicago.

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Midnight Snack Hour

April 22 2010, Posted by Melissa + Elsa

We’ve noticed that many couples are requesting a second cocktail hour that we like to call the midnight snack hour.  We all know that midnight snacking isn’t the best habit, but it has become a very popular trend in weddings.  Most couples have their main objectives in mind during the beginning stages of planning and many can agree on serving a lot of good food.  The most common reasons behind midnight snack hour is usually one or all of the following..

  1. Feeding their guests a lot of good food is the most important objective
  2. It’s a way of keeping guests to stay after the dinner reception for dancing & drinking
  3. It’s a great way of incorporating a fun snack that the couple loves
  4. It’s another way of incorporating their color scheme or theme
  5. The bride and groom want to send their guests home with a final thank you for being a part of their special day

The midnight snack can be accomplished even on a budget as long as you’re creative!  We want to share a couple of fun snack ideas..

For breakfast lovers: breakfast sandwiches, fresh fried mini doughnuts & a gourmet latte station

For fast food lovers: sliders and mini corn dogs with fried zucchini

For the big kid at heart.: grilled cheese and PB&J sandwiches with milk & hot chocolate

For the mexican food lovers: cheese quesadillas and taquitos with mini churros


street taco station and chips with guacamole & salsa

For the pizza lover: assorted mini pizzas and buffalo wings with root beer floats

For the health nut: yogurt and granola with a fresh smoothie bar

Share your midnight snack hour ideas!

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2010 Color of the Year is TURQUOISE!

April 12 2010, Posted by Melissa + Elsa

Pantone announces Turquoise (15-5519) to be color of the year for 2010. Now that summer is around the corner, here is an inspiration board we put together using turquoise, yellow/gold, and white.

Very vibrant and very “SoCal.”

Even though turquoise is  a bright summery color, it can be put together with darker colors  and/or used as an accent color for a fall/winter wedding.

Here are some combination ideas:

-turquoise and white/silver

-turquoise, fuchsia, yellow, white

-turquoise and red

-turquoise, black, and white

-turquoise and orange

-turquoise and brown

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